mokko country hotel

local sights

In the forest of our farm is a 2,5 km walking trail. On request we can invite the popular forest expert Vahur Sepp to be your guide.
Adventure tourism companies can also arrange a nice day with various games for a group.

About four kilometers away in the Palamuse hamlet is Palamuse school-museum which is known to every Estonian because our famous writer Oskar Luts wrote about life in the school in the 19th century in his book "The Spring".

Local Estonian wild animals can be observed in Elistvere animal park, about 20 km away from us.

Pre-historic animals can be seen in the Ice Age Centre (about 30 km away).

50 km from us is Endla bog with two walking trails: Männikjärve trail (7,3 km) and Endla lake trail (8 km).

Swimming is possible in Kuremaa lake (2,5 km), Prossa lake (10 km) and Saare lake (16 km), the last one has a signposted walking trail around it. Kuremaa lake can also be circled but the signs are rather haphazard.

A couple of eating places are in Jõgeva town, 14 km away.